Printing on big bags, applying the logo

Products packed in big bags are popular on the market among customers of large batches of fertilizers, construction materials and other bulk materials. But soft polypropylene containers can serve not only as a convenient container for transportation and storage, but also perform advertising functions. To do this, it is enough to put the company logo or useful contact information on the material. The product in the container will thus also be protected from possible counterfeiting.

How to order printing on big bags.

Our company uses the original industrial technology of printing images on soft materials. It is enough for the customer to provide us with a logo layout. Based on the obtained data, we produce a silicone flex mold (cliche), which is fixed on the shaft of the printing machine. When the shaft rotates, the paint applied to the mold leaves prints on the cloth and forms an image corresponding to the customer's sketch.

Each flex form works with one color. If the logo is multicolored, the number of shapes corresponds to the number of colors. After placing an order for the production of printed forms, it takes 10-15 days, after which the image is applied to the packaging. We use paints that are resistant to moisture, atmospheric influences and ultraviolet, which hold well, do not fade and do not wash off for a long time.

Image can be of any size, text or picture is printed on one or both sides of the big bag, the color solutions are at the discretion of the Customer. The technology allows you to use up to 4 colors in one drawing. If necessary, our staff will advise the client on the most technologically advanced image options, so that the print being clear and attractive.
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