Polypropylene cloth chute

Polypropylene is one of the most general-purpose polymers, from which a wide variety of products, including fabric materials, are made. Long thin polymer fibers are characterized by low weight due to low density, but very high strength and flexibility. A soft fabric which can withstand heavy loads is produced from elastic yarn on circular weaving machine.

Polypropylene cloth is ideal for sewing bags and containers of the “big bag” type - soft containers for bulk cargos with a capacity of up to a ton and more.

Also, special protective inserts for wagons are made from PP cloth –soft wagon inserts with sizes of 13x3x2 m. The strength of cloth and resistance to atmospheric and chemical destructive factors allows to use soft containers and inserts repeatedly.

Polypropylene is characterized by low hygroscopicity, which determines the practical absence of contamination and ease of cleaning from dust.

In addition to sewing containers, this fabric is used as a covering material for agricultural products and building materials as crown covers, canvas tops and awnings.

Main characteristics of polypropylene cloth:

  • Strength;
  • Elasticity;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Crosslinkability;
  • Shrinking property;
  • Light weight.

To protect against ultraviolet, special substances — stabilizers and modifiers – are added to the polymer at the yarn production stage. UV stabilizers are added into the threads for the sleeve cloth used for sewing soft containers, which increase resistance to sunlight and make it possible to use big bags and bags in the open air.

  • Fabric is produced in rolls of 500 m and with the width of 150 – 200 cm. The surface density is 120, 140 and 160 g/m2.
  • But on an individual order we can make a cloth with the following density – 77, 90, 100, 180, 200, 220 g/m2.
The higher the surface density, the more durable is the cloth, but at the same time, its weight also increases.
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