Sling for big bags and technical tape

The “RiaPlast” company produces high-quality polypropylene technical tape and sling. The sling is mainly used in the manufacture of big bags.

Technical PP tape (braid) has more wide application, in particular, it is used as a tie when fixing valves, ruffles or chutes of big bags when filling containers, or for fixing protective wagon inserts.

Manufacturing technology and parameters

The process of making the threads for the slings is almost identical to the production of big bags. UV stabilizers, chalk additives and colorants are also added at the extrusion stage. Weaving is carried out on special flat weaving machines. The finished sling or braid is wound on special spools.

  • The sling is made with a width of from 30 to 70 mm and a density of up to 50 g. per running meter.
  • Braid with a width of from 7 to 20 mm. has a density of up to 30 gr. per running meter.

It is possible to manufacture products on individual parameters according to your Technical Specification. Receive particulars from our managers.