Protective inserts (wagon)

Transportation of bulk and packaged goods by rail transport is risk-bearing. During loading, unloading and transportation, some of them may be spilled, blown up by the wind, or get rained on. Not all wagons and high sided wagons are sealed and adapted for the safe transportation of chemically complex cargo.

The “Riaplast” company produces protective wagon inserts made of polypropylene cloth which is stabilized and resistant to high humidity, UV rays and chemical action of acids and alkalis. Structurally, it is a flexible package that resembles a rectangular bag with a length of 13 m, a height of 2 m and a width of 3 m, which corresponds to the internal dimensions of a railway wagon.

Protective inserts (wagon)

After placing inside the wagon, the protective insert forms an airtight gasket between the wall and the contents of the transport compartment, which performs a number of important functions. The gasket protects the load from:

  • spillage;
  • excessive moistening;
  • cross wind;
  • contact with chemically aggressive substances.

Also, the polypropylene insert seals the walls of the wagon against the contact with the cargo, which can cause metal corrosion. If the insert is used when transporting packaged goods, it protects the packaging from wiping and contamination.

The protective insert is fixed along the upper edge of the wagon with the help of loops and ties. When loading and unloading, the cloth does not interfere with the operation of the machines.

We accept orders for the production of wagon inserts in standard design and according to the customer's technical order for the transportation of special types of cargo. Cost of products and delivery terms are agreed upon execution of application.

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