Quality control

Strict production control at all stages from the pellet to the packaging of the final product. The entire flexible packaging production process passes through strict control of the QCD (quality control department), all raw materials and final products are subject to thorough testing.

Incoming inspection 

The purchase of raw materials for our big bags is made only from the approved suppliers who guarantee us absolute confidence in the quality of materials for our goods. All raw materials pass the incoming inspection.

Industrial inspection and testing laboratory

At each stage of the big bag production, samples of cloth, threads and slings are taken from each batch of big bags and sent to the testing laboratory, where the tests for stiffness are carried out on special certified equipment: threads, seams, films, cloth and slings are tested for rupture strength. Data from the testing facility is entered into the computer. Performance analysis is made by a special program.

Outcoming inspection 

The quality control of final products, calculation of items number in packaging, checking the packaging itself and labeling are made in conformity with the requirements of ISO 21898:2004.